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Monday, March 28, 2016

Harper's Ferry Adventure Center

After 2 seasons of camping with our now 3 and 7 year old, we felt we were ready to endure some lower temperatures in the early season.  To hedge, our bets we decided against tent-camping and tried one of the cabins at Harper's Ferry Adventure Center.  It turned out to be plenty comfortable and a fun experience for all.  The cabins are insulated and have a single electrical outlet which accomodated a space heater we brought.  The night got down to 45 but we were actually warm enough to require shutting the heater.  We slept on a set of 2 bunk beds in the small cabin, despite the early arguing between the kids about who would get the 5th space up in the loft made out of the porch overhang.

7 yo Shea dominated the rope course, and they were so impressed with her being one of the youngest making it to the "3rd level" they gave here a free t-shirt!  They have a gigantic "pillow-bounce" that is a trampoline to the extreme.  In the summer there is rafting and other water sports.  Harper'Ferry is 5 minutes drive and is a great historic/natural experience.  The national park there also has additional camping.

We will definitely be back in the summer with our tents!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Frederick Keys Minor League Baseball

We had an amazing Father's Day in Frederick enjoying some Single A baseball.  A few pointers if you wan't to catch a game:
  • we were in section 108, row D which was amazingly close to the action but was the first section that did not have a screen to block foul balls which can be stressful.  I'd recommend either moving closer towards the center/homeplate line, or moving back if only side seats are left.  But all the seats in the house are great.
  • This side of the stadium (even sections) is closest to the visitor dugout, while much of the entertainment was centered around the home dugout, which is along the first base line (odd sections).  
  • The ballpark has great food including a flying dog brewery tent, and it's all much more affordable than the big leagues.  There is a kids play area with a $1 carousel, gigantic blow up slide, bouncy house and some games.  We got the $10, 12 ticket packet and both 3 and 6 yo had a blast.  
  • Next to the kid play area is the kid food stand that has a happy meal-like deal including a toy.  
  • We also signed up for the kids club online and got a free bag, which was nice considering it was for free.

We also had the good fortune of catching the absolutely amazing "cowboy monkey rodeo" by "wild thang and the ghostriders" who traveled all the way from Mississippi.  This is worth watching:

On the way home we stopped at the new Voltaggio restaurant "Family Meal" which we sold to the kids as fried chicken and milkshakes.

Also notable, though we got there at closing time is the Roads and Rails Model Train Museum: